About Us

We began My Healthy Beat as an outlet for people to learn to better perform, recover, and mediate and rid the body of necessary pain and soreness.

We are a group of educated professionals who strongly believe in the power of massage gun, rollers, percussion instruments, activity, and stretching to heal the body. Although we have a large amount of articles written on the nutrition and recovery interests, we would like to emphasize that every body is unique, and you should take care to contact a professional to better guide you.

Our passion in the business began as young athletes who never could find time to stretch or roll-out using a foam roller. We injured ourselves various times through incorrect form, over training, over sitting, and lack of recovery focus. We had not yet come to the understanding that the body gets stronger when you are healing and resting correctly. We only saw the athletic as the strengthening activity.

Several years later, we began to all get full time jobs which demanded new challenges for our body. We were sitting for 8 hours and then trying to get up and shoot hoops with our kids. No wonder that hamstring never had a chance.

To all of our surprise, we noticed the amount of injuries in the workplace nearly paralleled the sports world. There was always someone dealing with something.

This website is dedicated to that individual. Whether it is to be healthier, in better shape, to just stay active, or to train for a competition, My Healthy Beat wants to provide relevant and useful information you can use to fuel your body for better output.

We hope you enjoy My Healthy Beat,

Warm regards,

Jordan Statin- Chief Editor