Massage Tool Holiday Gift Ideas For The Fitness Fanatic In Your Life

Are you living with a fitness freak? Or married to one? In either case, we can help you decide which fitness oriented holiday gift is best for him or her. People who spend half their day in the gym are always on the hunt for products that make them feel good. It is not difficult to choose a gift for them because of the vast variety of fitness products easily available from workout specific gears, supplements, exercise equipment, smart watches to massage tools. 

Yes, even massage tools make for a great gift because if you ever ask a fitness fanatic what irritates or annoys them the most, the answer is either going to be muscle soreness, muscle spasms, muscle tension or slow muscle recovery. You are going to hear the word “muscle” again and again. This is where massage tools come in. They are an essential product for gym enthusiasts. Let us look at one of the best choices in the market.


Vybe specializes in percussion gun massagers. These massagers provide percussion therapy to muscles. Vybe is currently offering four types of percussion massagers.

Vybe Pro 

The fitness enthusiast in your life can benefit from it and get more frequent massages anywhere and anytime. It provides deep tissue massage at nine different speeds with a maximum of 3400 strokes/minute and comes with eight different attachments for targeting different muscles in your body. Vybe Pro has a battery life of 3 hours which means you can use it before and after workout in one run. The price of this massage tool stands at $178.99. The entire package includes the gun, battery, charger, 8 attachments and a covering case. It is a very handy tool which can be taken anywhere. 

Vybe Premium

It comes with a price tag of $169.99, five different speeds with a maximum of 3200 strokes/minute and four massage attachments. Vybe premium can reduce the cellulite in different body parts along-with providing relief from pain & muscle tension. It has a battery life of four hours and is relatively quieter.

Vybe V2

Available for a price of $135.99, the V2 is little noisy than others because of its powerful motor. Vybe V2 can provide a stroke variation of 500-2400 strokes/min and can be used for a number of purposes, such as breaking muscle knots, deep tissue massage and muscle recovery. It offers three massage heads, six speed options and a rotating arm that lets you reach your muscles easily.

Vybe X

For a price of $149.99, you can enjoy some good and powerful massage. Vybe X provides a maximum of 3200 strokes/min and has five speed variations. The battery life is five hours and it has six attachments.

Why it makes for a worthy gift

The massage tools have a number of benefits. They improve blood circulation which means that more oxygen is carried to your muscles, therefore their recovery speed after a tough workout increases. Using them before a workout reduces the risk of injury. Regular workouts with high intensity not only creates tensions in your muscles, but also squeeze your smaller connecting muscles. This is known as myofascia. This tension needs to be released for these muscles to come back into their original shape. This process is called myofascial release. Their usage also addresses chronic pain and improves your flexibility. The Vybe pro percussion massage gun offers value for money. It is the preferred choice of sports therapists and athletes. So if your loved one is a sportsperson he/she will appreciate this gift.

Cloud Massager

It is a massage device built specifically for massaging your feet, ankles and legs. For a price of $249.99, this massage tool can not only improve your physical health, but also provide mental relaxation after a tiring workout or work routine. If the person you want to give it to spends long hours on their feet, this gift will relax them after a long tiring day and he/she will love you for your thoughtfulness.

Why it makes for a worthy gift

It works on the principle of Shiatsu technique which improves the blood flow in your lower body, providing recovery and healing to your tired or damaged lower body muscles. It has an adjustable base which you can change according to your sitting posture or body height. It has five different massage modes which are compression therapy, heat therapy, sway function, quiet mode or a rolling massage. You can also choose among three intensity levels depending on your comfort. 

Nextrino Vibrating Foam Roller

Although this may not have the versatility and effectiveness of the Vybe pro gun massager, but is very affordable. For just $99, you can benefit from a combination of vibration & foam therapies and select from three different vibration intensities. Nextrino Vibrating Foam Roller design implies that you can use it on any body part with ease. So, if your loved one likes to workout hard and complains of sore muscles, this can provide relief and be a perfect gift for your fitness fanatic friend.

Why it makes for a worthy gift

It targets tense muscles and speeds up muscle recovery. The massage tool improves your flexibility. This combination therapy improves the blood flow in the body, improving the oxygen supply. It can also be used to loosen up tense muscles and heal muscle spasms. With one full charge, the massage tool can be used for two hours. 


Bitly Plant Fascitis Compression Socks

Compression gear has become a favorite for athletes and bodybuilders worldwide. They are very affordable and available in a number of sizes. They also come in packs of more than one socks at discounted prices. It will make a great gift if your friend or loved one complains of heel pain or ankle splints as these socks provide comfort and support. The small gift speaks volumes.

Why it makes for a worthy gift

Bitly compression socks provide protection from injury during workouts and help in post workout muscle recovery. They can be used to reduce the pressure on your ankles while walking or running. They also help alleviate sprains in your feet or ankles and can be used by people who suffer from arthritis. The socks are available in all sizes and are affordable. 

URBNfit Vibrating Foam Roller

URBNfit offers a number of muscle recovery and workout equipment. One of their most versatile products is the Vibrating foam roller. It has five intensities to choose from and helps in healing sore muscles. It is priced at $79.97.

Why it makes for a worthy gift

The vibrations provide deep tissue massage and speed the process of muscle recovery. Using it prior to your workout increases the pliability of your muscles and reduces the risk of injury. It is recommended for people who go to the gym regularly. You can use the vibrating foam roller not only for muscle recovery, but also for giving your tense body parts a soothing & relaxing massage.

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