The Best Lighting for Your Home Gym

Lighting for Your Home Gym

When it comes to working out, some people spend a major part of their day in the gym; some just visit the gym like they visit a physician i.e. once in a blue moon. There are also people who prefer working out at home and have a home gym or wish to build one. 

Having a home gym has its pros and cons. However, its benefits are too many to be ignored. One of its major benefits became evident to people during the on-going pandemic when fitness businesses came to a halt and people were locked inside their homes. Those who already had gyms in their homes kept themselves busy with workouts and exercise routines; many decided or tried to build it. This is because the situation made people understand the importance and convenience of a home gym. 

Another benefit of a home gym is that you do not have to pay any subscription fee nor have to share your equipment with anyone. It also saves considerable time which you can use elsewhere. When it comes to building a gym, the amount you have spent or are willing to spend on your home gym obviously depends on your enthusiasm as well as your pocket. That said, some things are an essential part of every gym. One of these things is lights. There are countless options in home gym lighting that can be installed to improve the ambience of your gym. Let us look at some of the best lighting options as well as discuss some strategies that can light up your gym and be kind to your pocket at the same time.  

1. Natural Light Is the Best

You can harness the power of the sun not just for the purpose of saving your electricity bill but also for enhancing the ambience of your gym. You may have come across people who have built their gym on their rooftop or in their backyard. They cover it with a shed to protect the equipment from rain, etc. These gyms are usually exposed to sunlight unless you are working out during the night. If you workout during the day or at a time when you are exposed to sunlight then there are countless health benefits such as adequate absorption of Vitamin D, electricity and fuel conservation, etc.  Sunlight also has a great effect on your photoreceptors. It warns them to be alert and awake, making you more energetic and more focused on your exercise. If you have an indoor gym, you can add a window to your gym that would ensure exposure to sunlight. You can also use lights with a temperature that closely matches that of sunlight.

2. Use Easy Installable Lights

Avoid using lights that require installation of fixtures or pulling apart your roof and other complicated installation methodologies. Another problem with complicated installations is that they are not only difficult and costly to install but also difficult to remove or replace. Overhead lights may provide some extra light but they are relatively difficult to install and depend on the type of gym roof you have. Floor lamps can be easily broken while you are working out and their light may be too bright for your eyes. Table lamps do not give that much light and will result in stressing your eyes. You want to light up your gym but at the same time you need something that is easy on your eyes and won’t bother you while you are working out. Therefore, we recommend that you stick with lights that can be easily installed and uninstalled. There are many lights which can be used for this purpose such as the LED strip lights. They can be installed by a simple adhesive tape or with the help of magnets. You won’t be spending your entire day in your home gym so avoid installing expensive lights and fixtures. You can use the same money to buy fitness equipment for your gym.

3. Luminoodle Color Light Rope

The Luminoodle Color Light Rope is an innovative and versatile lighting solution. Its utility is not limited to one place or one room in your home. It can be used for countless purposes and can practically light up anything you want. It is a waterproof strip of LED lights which is available in 15 different colors and you can select from 10 different brightness levels.

4. Benefits of Luminoodle Color Light

There are countless benefits of using Luminoodle Color light. They are extremely easy to install. You can use magnets and tie straps to install them on any surface or you can roll them in the utility loop and hang it like a lantern. These come free with the Luminoodle Color Light Rope. They are extremely flexible which means that they can take any shape you want. No need for home gym lighting fixtures, simply unpack the Luminoodle Color Light Rope and use it anywhere. The Luminoodle Color Light is also extremely affordable. You can light up your entire gym in just $40 if you use the 10 feet length and in $30 if you use the 5 feet length.  One Luminoodle Color Light Rope would be sufficient for your home gym lighting requirements. You can always add more later if you feel your gym needs more lighting.

4.1 Portable & Light Weight

The Luminoodle Color Light Rope is available in two different lengths, 5 ft. and 10 ft. The weight of these light strips is negligible. They are portable, which means you can uninstall them from your gym and install them anywhere else. In case you require a quick lighting solution, re-install them in an instant and start working out! You can even carry them with you to your camping trips and light up your tent. Moreover, you can buy the remote control and operate your lights conveniently.

4.2 USB Charged

The Luminoodle Color Light Rope can be recharged by a simple USB cable. Plug it into your laptop or the USB port of your TV or a wall charger and it will be fully recharged in a matter of minutes. You can also use a battery pack to charge the lights. One charge would last for long and you would be saving much more than just a few dollars when it comes to electricity bills.

4.3 Waterproof

These colorful LED noodles are waterproof. So, if you have a rooftop gym or one in your backyard, you do not have to worry about the rain.

4.4 Multiple Intensity Levels

The Luminoodle Color Light Rope is available in two outputs, 180 lumens (5 ft) and 360 lumens (10 ft). The difference between Luminoodle Color Light Rope and other LED strip lights is evident from the light quality. The LED lights on the Luminoodle rope are equidistant and therefore give a uniform light. This would result in creating the best gym environment which is easy on your eyes and at the same time provides an adequate lighting solution.

5. Dim Lights According to Workout Moods

You can vary the brightness of these lights according to your workout type or your own mood. If you want to perform a less vigorous workout routine you can dim the light. If you are into heavy workout, you can start your routine with bright lights and when you feel like performing your stretching you can select a much lighter option.

6. Have Fun with Lights by Changing Colors 

Working out can be challenging, especially if you focus a lot on your fitness and health. This can really get tough at times so you may want to try a different workout routine for a day or two. You could try Zumba, Yoga or any other aerobic workout. To make it fun, you can synchronize your lights with your music and use lights with different colors. The Luminoodle Color Light Rope is so affordable that you can install more than one in different colors in your gym to make your workout more fun and indulging.


Light up your gym with fancy, durable, affordable and easy to use Luminoodle Color Light Rope. It is the best lighting option for your gym because of the wide range of its application, high quality luminosity, ease of charging and the practicality it offers.

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